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sorry about that guys with all of the solana city updates I posted. I will fix them later for now I guess the green of deviant art can add some kind of mood to my artwork LOL!

I promise that's the last updates you will see of those photos until I have them colored. Prepped them all for coloring tonight and uploaded the actual scans and not photos of them on my desk with my droid x.

Still haven't touched the skyknight picture I had the mishap with lastnight. I'm mad at it. ARG was figuring out so much cool stuff in photoshop so it was mainly 3 hours of experimentation rather than progress.

page 1
Solana City Page 1 by o137o

page 2
Solana City Pg2 by o137o

page 3
Solana City Pg3 by o137o

page 4
Solana City Pg4 by o137o

page 5
Solana City Pg5 by o137o

page 6
Solana City pg6 by o137o

page 7 (in progress)
Solana City page 7 by o137o
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Submitted on
February 9, 2011